Best DJ on the East Coast

We chose to book DJ Gerry after seeing him at our dear friend’s wedding last year and another a few years before that. He was by far the best we had ever seen (we’ve been to a few weddings in the last decade). Gerry has a great ability to read the room and cater to the tastes of the Bride and Groom, and their families and friends. He has props to help everyone join in the fun and makes the evening unforgettable! We had numerous people tell us that he was amazing, we agree. If you’re looking for a professional that knows what he’s doing, pick Gerry. He was careful at moving the evening along and making sure every second of the evening went smoothly. He can adjust on the fly, he can liven up a dull moment, and provide just the right service you expect an MC to make your evening special. If you think he’s pricey, trust us, he’s worth every penny! You don’t wan to skimp on the DJ! We love Gerry and know you will too. Dan & Laura McCleese 10-6-2012 Gerry if you’re reading this THANK YOU again!